Kerstin Jones

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The purpose of this study was to compare changes in velocity-specific adaptations in moderately resistance-trained athletes who trained with either low or high resistances. The study used tests of sport-specific skills across an intermediate- to high-velocity spectrum. Thirty NCAA Division I baseball players were randomly assigned to either a low-resistance(More)
The passive bending stiffness, tolerable bending moment levels, and elastic energy storage capabilities of the cervical spine were evaluated in 40 male and 19 female volunteer subjects from a university student population, about the flexion, extension, and lateral bending axes. Bending moments were applied to the neck while subjects lay on a frictionless(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT The use of three low-frequency (LF) sea surface temperature (SST) signals were combined with an El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) signal in this diagnostic study to assess if a suppression or enhancement of rainfall was observed in seven sugarcane growing regions along the east coast of Australia during the harvesting period (Jun-Nov).(More)
  • Teresa J Eyre Senior, Forest Ecologist, Anne L Kelly, Terri Sutcliffe, Melanie Venz, Forest Zoologist +11 others
  • 2002
Figure 1: Approach to vegetation condition mapping 11 Figure 2: Broad logging history in provinces 32 and 33 14 Figure 3: Forestry reservations wildfire history in provinces 32 and 33 15 Figure 4: Spatial representation of modelled grazing pressure index in provinces 32 and 33 21 Figure 5: Patch sizes of forest remnants (a) before, and (b) after(More)
review. Selected passages, tables or diagrams may be reproduced for such purposes provided acknowledgement of the source is included. Major extracts or the entire document may not be reproduced by any process without written This booklet does not represent professional advice given by the Commonwealth or any other person acting for the Commonwealth for any(More)
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