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High-performance polymer composites are mainly used in applications where the benefits of high strength and low weight justify the high material and manufacturing costs. Many of these applications are found today in the aerospace, space and defense industries. Most of today's commonly used manufacturing methods within this area are highly labor intensive.(More)
Automated solutions for manufacturing composite products based on prepreg often imply Automatic Fiber Placement or Automatic Tape Laying. These systems are generally associated with huge investments. For certain manufacturing applications it is interesting to investigate alternatives to find simpler and less costly automation. One example of an automated(More)
The use of carbon composites has continuously increased in the commercial aircraft industry due to more challenging weight targets which is one way to handle the environmental requirements to lower the CO2 emissions. One type of aircraft structure component made at Saab Aerostructures is long and slender U-sections manufactured in carbon composites. The(More)
A novel approach to the manufacturing of composite products using off-the-shelf automation equipment is explored in this article. A manufacturing concept for a specific product is developed and analyzed, from a technical perspective, in order to find areas where off-the-shelf automation equipment can be used. The article also highlights areas where(More)
The research within this paper identifies three main categories of cross-cultural communication challenges within international transfer of aircraft production. The first category is organizational structure, hierarchy and delegation of responsibility the second category is consensus behavior and avoidance of conflicts and the third category is individual(More)
With an increased use of composite materials follows a need for rational, cost-efficient manufacturing processes. This paper explores how off-the-shelf solutions, developed for other purposes than composite manufacturing, can be used to build systems for automated composite manufacturing. Three demonstrators, each of them dealing with a specific type of(More)
Preface This thesis was written at the department for physical vehicle ergonomics at Scania CV AB in Södertälje. We are very thankful for the opportunity to write this thesis at Scania and all the help we got, especially at the department of physical vehicle ergonomics, but also from other departments at Scania. We would like to give a special thanks to our(More)
Design engineers working in the automotive industry have to take many design decisions, based on numerous diverse criteria. This results in a high workload of complex decisions. One way to reduce decision complexity and improve decisions could be to improve design tools. Decision support systems (DSSs) have been used in a managerial context to improve(More)
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