Kerstin Hönig

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Maintenance and stress resistance of beech and oak plantlets is considerably improved when seedlings are inoculated in the nursery with Paxillus involutus, but success of mycorrhization is strongly related to the fungal isolate. To determine the success of individual P. involutus isolates used for inoculation, a molecular characterization was carried out(More)
Several theoretical approaches assume that the motive for status maintenance, that is the de­ sire to avoid intergenerational status downward mobility, explains educational decisions and effects of the families’ social status hereon. Not much is known about whether this assump­ tion is empirically valid, and it is completely an open question which of the(More)
What is the impact of electoral rules on the way people make decisions in the voting booth? Institutional incentives moderate a voter’s expectation formation process and, therefore, make the frequency of strategic voters predictable across a wide range of electoral systems. I provide evidence that there is a latent dimension of propensity to cast a(More)
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