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INTRODUCTION Several studies have shown that goal-directed hemodynamic and fluid optimization may result in improved outcome. However, the methods used were either invasive or had other limitations.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Parenteral nutrition including lipids might be associated with liver disease. The cause leading to parenteral nutrition-related liver dysfunction remains largely unknown but(More)
BACKGROUND Thermodilution technique using a pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) is a widely used method to determine cardiac output (CO). It is increasingly criticized because of its invasiveness and its(More)
BACKGROUND Increased inorganic fluoride levels after methoxyflurane exposure in the 1970s and prolonged intraoperative sevoflurane use have been suggested to be potentially nephrotoxic. In the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To evaluate the current clinical attitude in enteral nutrition support and motility disorders in adult critically ill patients on German intensive care units. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of hydroxyethylstarch (HES) 130/0.4 6% and gelatin 4% on inflammation, endothelial integrity, and renal function after cardiac surgery were compared. METHODS Sixty patients(More)