Kerstin Boll

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A combination of four Y-specific polymorphic STR loci was amplified simultaneously using fluorescently labeled primers. Multiplex conditions required optimization to eliminate constant bands and amplification products for female DNA. A series of experiments was carried out for mixtures of DNA from two males, and from male and female individuals for the(More)
Prophylactic efficacy and safety of a low molecular weight (LMW) heparin against postoperative thromboembolic complications were investigated in a double-blind, randomized study. Totally, 210 consecutive patients undergoing total hip replacement were allocated to two groups. Patients in the heparin group received 50 IU anti-Xa per kilo body weight of(More)
A case of an anomalous ossicle in a lumbar facet joint is reported and the operative findings presented. The nature of the anomaly is not fully understood but is thought to be the result of non-fusion between a normal appearing ossification center and the adjacent articular process. The patient's symptoms — severe chronic low back pain — subsided completely(More)
Intertrochanteric osteotomy has been recommended as an alternative to total hip replacement for the treatment of osteoarthrosis of the hip in younger patients because of the higher risk of mechanical loosening after total hip replacement in this age-group. The results of 112 consecutive cemented total hip replacements that were performed after a(More)
A total of 17 patients with a cemented bipolar Hastings hemiarthroplasty were examined clinically and radiologically between 1 and 3 years after being treated for a displaced femoral neck fracture. Only a minor part of the motion in the Hastings prostheses took place between the metal femoral head and the polyethylene liner (intraprosthetic). In seven(More)
Currently used clinicopathological parameters are insufficient for a reliable prediction of metastatic risk and disease-free survival (DFS) of patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). To identify prognostic genes, the expression profiles of primary ccRCC obtained from patients with different DFS--eight synchronously, nine metachronously and(More)
We used subcapital displacement osteotomy of the fifth metatarsal bone and peg-and-hole fixation to treat a tailor's bunion (bunionette) in forty-four feet (twenty-seven patients). The result was good in 86 per cent, fair in 9 per cent, and poor in 5 per cent. All but one of the patients were satisfied with the result. The average medial displacement of the(More)
During a period of 16 years, prehospital advanced life support was provided for a total of 123 trauma patients. The average age was 32 years. Fifty-five patients were dead on the arrival of the mobile intensive care unit. In 83% of the cases, the Causes of the injuries were traffic accidents. The median injury severity score was 23. Out of the 63 treated(More)
The results of total hip replacement by Müller's method employing a straight stem femoral component were reviewed after an average follow-up period of 5 1/2 (3-10) years. The patient material consisted of a prospective series of 424 patients in whom 551 hips were replaced. Deep infection occurred in two patients (0.3%). Six hips (1%) dislocated during the(More)