Kerstin Blomqvist

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES This study aimed at investigating life satisfaction and its relation to living conditions, overall health, self-care capacity, feeling lonely, physical activities and financial resources among people (65+) with reduced self-care capacity. BACKGROUND Knowledge about factors related to low life satisfaction among older people with(More)
BACKGROUND Although the topic of pain among older people has received increasing interest, little is still known about how pain is experienced or handled by those who no longer manage independently but depend on professionals for help with daily living. Developing pain management for older people requires such knowledge. AIM To explore sense of self,(More)
BACKGROUND Social support is generally known to influence health-related quality of life (HRQoL), but this association is not well explored among older patients with chronic heart failure. AIMS (1) To describe social support in older patients with chronic heart failure in relation to gender. (2) To investigate if age, gender, cohabitation, perceived(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge about how elderly persons perceive the impact of chronic heart failure (CHF) on daily life is important when planning nursing care. For this purpose, disease specific instruments are needed. However, few instruments have been developed or tested specifically on elderly persons. AIM To validate a Swedish version of the Minnesota Living(More)
This study aimed to investigate the presence of pain, pain duration, localization(s), intensity, type and pharmacological treatment among older adults living in sheltered accommodation or receiving rehabilitation, as well as the agreement between pain assessments performed by staff and the older adults. Twenty-nine randomly selected older adults (65+ years)(More)
BACKGROUND A main goal in nursing care of persons with chronic heart failure (HF) is to strengthen their health related quality of life (HRQoL). This presupposes knowledge about the relation between heart failure and HRQoL. Existing studies have shown incongruent results about whether HRQoL is affected differently depending on age or sex of elderly persons(More)
Sixty-six randomly selected older adults and their contact nurses participated in interviews based on standardised assessments of pain and open-ended questions focusing how pain was expressed and recognised. The sample included older adults with normal as well as cognitively impaired function. Seventy-nine percent of older adults with normal cognition were(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To investigate changes over time in an interdisciplinary group that was engaged in development work regarding pain and pain assessment. BACKGROUND The outcomes of nursing research do not always find their way to the daily care of patients. This is evident within, for instance, physical rehabilitation, where relieving patients' pain is(More)