Kerstin Björkman Randström

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OBJECTIVE To explore the experiences of older people and their supporting family members in relation to home rehabilitation, with a focus on activity and participation. METHODS Qualitative interviews were carried out with 6 older people and 6 family members at 1 and 6 months after the older person's discharge to their home. Qualitative content analysis of(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the reliability and validity of the Swedish language version of the Resilience Scale (RS). Participants were 142 adults between 19-85 years of age. Internal consistency reliability, stability over time, and construct validity were evaluated using Cronbach's alpha, principal components analysis with varimax rotation and(More)
BACKGROUND There is a move towards the provision of rehabilitation for older people in their homes. It is essential to ensure that rehabilitation services promote independence of older people. AIM The aim of the study was to explore multidisciplinary teams' experiences of home rehabilitation for older people. METHODS Five focus groups were conducted(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to explore older people's experience of environmental factors that impact on their activity and participation in home rehabilitation. METHOD Older people aged between 68 and 93 years and receiving home rehabilitation were interviewed. A qualitative content analysis was performed on the interview text using the(More)
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