Kerstin Bergmann

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Necropsy brain tissue from normal (control) patients and patients with depression and dementia was examined for activities of various cholinergic components, and these related to the degree of senile plaque formation and extent of intellectual impairment. Choline acetyltransferase and acetylcholinesterase activities decreased significantly as the mean(More)
The transgenic sequences in the mouse line TKZ751 are demethylated on a DBA/2 inbred strain background but become highly methylated at postimplantation stages in offspring of a cross with a BALB/c female. In the reciprocal cross the transgene remains demethylated suggesting that imprinted BALB/c methylation modifiers or egg cytoplasmic factors are(More)
After administration of metoprolol, plasma concentrations of the drug are markedly higher in CYP2D6 poor metabolizers (PMs) than in non-PMs. In a prospective double-blind 3-month study, we investigated whether this translates into differences in metoprolol's effects after initiation of therapy. Despite administering equal doses to PMs and non-PMs,(More)
AIM In the present study, we compared the diagnostic value of Doppler sonography with "B-Imaging" in the acute and chronical period of the HUS in children. METHOD For this, we analysed the Doppler sonographic measurement (Acuson-128) from 3 patients in the acute stage of the disease and 14 patients after approximately 5 years. All patients examined in the(More)
The recurrent laryngeal nerve was transsected unilaterally and a device for electrical stimulation of the denervated muscles was implanted in 6 dogs. After 3 to 11 months the laryngeal muscles were obtained and histopathologically demonstrated a striking neurogenic pattern. In place of homogeneous muscle fiber atrophy, a patchwork of grouped fibre atrophy,(More)
In sets of mice congenic at H-2 and upon two backgrounds, and selected according to known differences in strain-specific lifespans, DNA repair efficiency in spleen cells was compared by two techniques: excision repair capacity following UV-irradiation, and bleomycin sensitivity. Significant differences between certain congenic partner sets were noted with(More)