Kerstin Berg

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Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an autosomal recessive disease caused by decreased levels of survival motor neuron protein (SMN). In the majority of cases, this decrease is due to absence of the SMN1 gene. Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) is a modern quantitative molecular method. Applied in SMA cases, it improves diagnostics by(More)
Serum-high-density-lipoprotein (H.D.L.) concentrations were determined in 49 men who had had a myocardial infarction and in 102 healthy, middle-aged men, all from Northern Sweden. A quantitative immunological assay based on a monospecific antiserum to the main polypeptide (apoprotein A-I) of H.D.L. was used. The mean H.D.L. concentration was significantly(More)
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