Kerstin Andersson

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The gut microbiota provides an important stimulus for the induction of regulatory T (Treg) cells in mice, whether this applies to newborn children is unknown. In Swedish children, Staphylococcus aureus has become a common early colonizer of the gut. Here, we sought to study the effects of bacterial stimulation on neonatal CD4(+) T cells for the induction of(More)
In adults, a majority of FOXP3(+) T(regs) expresses CTLA-4, and this costimulatory molecule is essential to control the expansion of other T cells. However, it remains to be investigated whether FOXP3(+) and/or CTLA-4(+) T(regs) are associated with the expression of memory markers and homing receptors on CD4(+) T cells. Thus, in a prospective newborn-infant(More)
BACKGROUND We have recently analyzed the profile of T-cell subtypes based on chemokine receptor expression in blood from untreated early rheumatoid arthritis (ueRA) patients compared to healthy controls (HC). Here, we compared the levels of the respective chemokines in blood plasma of ueRA patients with those of HC. We also studied the association of(More)
The problem addressed concerns the determination of the average number of successive attempts of guessing a word of a certain length consisting of letters with given probabilities of occurrence. Both first-and second-order approximations to a natural language are considered. The guessing strategy used is guessing words in decreasing order of probability.(More)
There are large inter-individual variations in vaccine-specific antibody responses in children. We sought to investigate whether early-life environmental factors and/or adaptive immune maturation were related to diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine-specific antibody levels at 18 months of age. In the prospective FARMFLORA birth-cohort, including both(More)
B cell activating factor (BAFF) is a critical cytokine for maturation of immature B cells. In murine lymph nodes, BAFF is mainly produced by podoplanin-expressing stromal cells. We have previously shown that circulating BAFF levels are maximal at birth, and that farmers' children exhibit higher BAFF levels in cord blood than non-farmers' children. Here, we(More)
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