Kersten Schmidt

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The optimization of PhC waveguides is a key issue for successfully designing PhC devices. Since this design task is computationally expensive, efficient methods are demanded. The available codes for computing photonic bands are also applied to PhC waveguides. They are reliable but not very efficient, which is even more pronounced for dispersive material. We(More)
We present Helmholtz or Helmholtz like equations for the approximation of the time-harmonic wave propagation in gases with small viscosity, which are completed with local boundary conditions on rigid walls. We derived approximative models based on the method of multiple scales for the pressure and the velocity separately, both up to order 2. Approximations(More)
We propose transmission conditions of order 1, 2 and 3 approximating the shielding behaviour of thin conducting curved sheets for the magneto-quasistatic eddy current model in 2D. This model reduction applies to sheets whose thicknesses ε are at the order of the skin depth or essentially smaller. The sheet has itself not to be resolved, only its midline is(More)
We propose a new solution methodology to incorporate symmetric local absorbing boundary conditions involving higher tangential derivatives into a finite element method for solving the 2D Helmholtz equations. The main feature of the method is that it does not requires the introduction of auxiliary variable nor the use of basis functions of higher regularity(More)