Kersten Schmidt

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The optimization of PhC waveguides is a key issue for successfully designing PhC devices. Since this design task is computationally expensive, efficient methods are demanded. The available codes for computing photonic bands are also applied to PhC waveguides. They are reliable but not very efficient, which is even more pronounced for dispersive material. We(More)
A new non-conforming finite element discretization methodology for second order elliptic partial differential equations involving higher order local absorbing boundary conditions in 2D and 3D is proposed. The novelty of the approach lies in the application of C 0-continuous finite element spaces, which is the standard discretization of second order(More)
The computation of guided modes in photonic crystal wave-guides is a key issue in the process of designing devices in photonic communications. Existing methods, such as the super-cell method, provide an efficient computation of well-confined modes. However, if the modes are not well-confined, the modelling error of the super-cell method becomes prohibitive(More)
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