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A polymorphic variant of the human alpha(2B)-adrenergic receptor (alpha(2B)AR), which consists of a deletion of three glutamic acids (residues 301-303) in the third intracellular loop was found to be(More)
The alpha(2)-adrenergic receptors (alpha(2)ARs) play a critical role in modulating neurotransmitter release in the central and peripheral sympathetic nervous systems. A polymorphism of the alpha(2)AR(More)
The presynaptic alpha2C adrenergic receptors (AR) act to inhibit norepinephrine release in cardiac and other presynaptic nerves. We have recently shown that a genetic variant in the alpha2CAR coding(More)
In asthma, the response to beta-agonists acting at beta2-adrenergic receptors (beta2AR) displays extensive interindividual variation. One effector for airway beta2AR, adenylyl cyclase type 9 (AC9),(More)