Kersi Taraporewalla

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With the advanced technology of medical devices and sensors, an abundance of medical data streams are available. However, data analysis techniques are very limited, especially for processing massive multiple physiological streams that may only be understood by medical experts. The state-of-the-art techniques only allow multiple medical devices to(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical site infections are common, so effective antibiotic concentrations at the sites of infection are required. Surgery can lead to physiological changes influencing the pharmacokinetics of antibiotics. The aim of the study is to evaluate contemporary peri-operative prophylactic dosing of cefazolin by determining plasma and subcutaneous(More)
Detecting abnormalities from multiple correlated time series is valuable to those applications where a credible realtime event prediction system will minimize economic losses (e.g. stock market crash) and save lives (e.g. medical surveillance in the operating theatre). For example, in an intensive care scenario, anesthetists perform a vital role in(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure specialist international medical graduates' (SIMGs) level of learning through participation in guided tutorials, face-to-face or through videoconferencing (VC), and the effect of tutorial attendance and quality of participation on success in specialist college examinations. DESIGN AND SETTING Tutorials were conducted at the Royal(More)
Understanding the real world based on visualisation and prediction is essential for the decision-maker. We build a computational virtual reality environment to improve visualisation, understanding and prediction of the physical world and to guide action. It develops a five-dimensional, computer-generated, computational Virtual Reality Environment for(More)
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