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We undertook this 12-month retrospective cohort study, of 186 teaching hospital inpatients, to determine how tolerance of differing diet textures after a stroke predicts recovery from dysphagia. Outcome measures were insertion of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube and/or ability to tolerate a normal diet 28 days after the stroke. Likelihood(More)
This methods paper outlines the overall design of a community-based multidisciplinary longitudinal study with the intent to stimulate interest and communication from scientists and practitioners studying the role of physical activity in preventive medicine. In adults, lack of regular exercise is a major risk factor in the development of chronic degenerative(More)
When presented with stimulus shoals of siblings and conspecifics in equal number, P. sarana subnasutus were able to discriminate their siblings and preferred to associate with them. Given a choice between large shoal and a small shoal consisting of siblings, the juvenile fish preferred to associate with larger stimulus group to the smaller one. However,(More)
BACKGROUND The role of imaging in the staging, treatment planning, and ongoing surveillance of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) continues to evolve. Changes in patient demographics, treatment paradigms, and technology present opportunities and challenges for the management of HNSCC. METHODS The general indications and usage of(More)
This paper examines the issue of teacher quality in relation to the work of Ramsey and Quality Matters, the Teacher Education Review Taskforce and the NSW Draft Professional Teaching Standards Framework. It identifies the underlying reasons asserted by the Taskforce in recommending that the NSW Government accept the policy direction to ensure teacher(More)
Re-exposure to stud males beginning on day 4 post coitum induced pseudopregnancy in a large proportion of female mice whose pregnancies were terminated by a single injection of 0.5 mg of bromocriptine on day 1 post coitum. By contrast, exposure to alien or strange males was ineffective in inducing pseudopregnancy in pregnancy-blocked females. The results(More)
Implantation failure in newly inseminated females induced by exposure to alien males (the Bruce effect) was significantly reduced when the females were housed with the stud male. By contrast, newly inseminated females housed with a familiar male during exposure to alien males exhibited a high rate of implantation failure. The results suggest that the(More)
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