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Port surveys are being conducted in Australia, New Zealand and around the world to confirm the presence or absence of particular marine pests. The most critical aspect of these surveys is their sensitivity-the probability that they will correctly identify a species as present if indeed it is present. This is not, however, adequately addressed in the(More)
Because side effect profiles and key physical properties of liposomal amphotericin B reflect the molecular nature of the hydrated preparations, effort has been directed toward understanding this nature. We describe here an examination by differential scanning calorimetry in the region of the main transition of the phase behaviour of amphotericin B(More)
With the recent improvements to its surface accuracy, the GBT is the most sensitive telescope operating at 90 GHz. We propose to build a traditional dualbeam feed-horn receiver which operates at the lower frequency end of the 34mm atmospheric window (67–93 GHz), designated as the 4mm Receiver. The project will make use of previously acquired hardware at(More)
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