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The time for teachers to use mobile devices is now. However, in order to ensure that yet another technological transition in the classroom is as effective as possible, there is an undeniable need for effective professional development. The models the authors propose in this chapter offer teachers experiences that require curriculum design and delivery,(More)
1. NK1 and NK2 receptors have been characterized in guinea-pig lung membrane preparations by use of [125I-Tyr8]-substance P and [125I]-neurokinin A binding assays in conjunction with tachykinin-receptor selective agonists ([Sar9Met(O2)11]substance P for NK1 and [beta Ala8]neurokinin A (4-10) for NK2) and antagonists (CP-99,994 for NK1 and SR48968 for NK2).(More)
Screening for depression in the elderly has been advocated to improve detection and management. This article summarises the trend towards briefer screening instruments, and the integration of mental health screening with other assessments. The study aimed to validate a single question depression screen which has previously shown adequate sensitivity and(More)
We describe a perspective and a framework for understanding the role of nonemotional cognitive feelings in proving theorems. We begin with a brief discussion of the nature of affect, emotions, and nonemotional cognitive feelings. We see kinds of situations as mentally linked to kinds of feelings that then participate in enacting behavioral schemas to yield(More)
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