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Poor usability of clinical information systems delays their adoption by clinicians and limits potential improvements to the efficiency and safety of care. Recurring usability evaluations are therefore, integral to the system design process. We compared four methods employed during the development of outpatient clinical documentation software: clinician(More)
Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) have been associated with the occurrence of seizures both with overdoses and with therapeutic doses. Seizures with therapeutic doses of TCA have been reported in patients both with and without previous histories of seizures. The incidence of seizures possibly precipitated by TCAs was examined retrospectively in a population(More)
Mothers' use of infant-directed speech (IDS) may assist infants in decoding language input. IDS is characterized by exaggerated prosodic features (Fernald, 1989), shorter Malsheen, 1980) in comparison to speech directed to adults. However, it is not yet known to what extent such measures of maternal input have long-term impacts on language development. This(More)
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