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Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and full citation on the first page. We wish to thank Robert Rodin, Robert Watson and Steve Knipping at Marshall(More)
This is a preprint of a paper intended for presentation at a scientific meeting. Because of the provisional nature of its content and since changes of substance or detail may have to be made before publication, the preprint is made available with the understanding that it not be cited in the literature or in any way be reproduced in its present form. The(More)
In June 2000, as part of its action on Women and Science, the Commission launched a series of gender impact assessment studies to assess the way in which gender issues are being addressed within the Fifth Framework Programme. The studies scanned the implementation procedures of the specific programmes and the research agenda set in the areas covered by the(More)
Introduction Burning plasma science is recognized widely as the next frontier in fusion research. FIRE [1, 2] is a design study of a next step burning plasma experiment with the goal of developing a concept for an experimental facility to explore and understand the strong non-linear coupling among confinement, MHD self-heating, stability, edge physics and(More)
1 In the electronic economy, the middleman role will disappear and be disintermediated by information technology. 2 3 In the electronic economy, the movement of physical goods will be replaced by the movement of information. 4 5 In the electronic economy, the value chain model is a good model for thinking about an extended enterprise. 6 7 Ubiquitous access(More)
The emerging electronic economy is bringing with it new forms of IT-enabled intermediation, 1Robert Zmud was the accepting senior editor for this paper. Also, an earlier version of this paper won first prize in the 1997 SIM Paper Competition. virtual supply chains, rapidly changing electronic commerce technologies, increasing knowledge intensity, and(More)
Introduction The ARIES fusion power plant studies [1,2] have determined that an economically competitive tokamak fusion power plant must have high fusion gain (Q > 25), high fusion power density (~ 4 MWm-3) and steady-state plasma operation. These plasma requirements could be satisfied using an advanced tokamak scenario (β N ~ 5 and f bs ≈ 90%) based on a(More)
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