Kerry L. Gibson

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In the context of rapidly increasing antidepressant use internationally, and recent reviews raising concerns about efficacy and adverse effects, this study aimed to survey the largest sample of AD recipients to date. An online questionnaire about experiences with, and beliefs about, antidepressants was completed by 1829 adults who had been prescribed(More)
BACKGROUND While mental health professionals have focused on concerns about whether antidepressants work on a neurochemical level it is important to understand the meaning this medication holds in the lives of people who use it. This study explores diversity in the experience of antidepressant users. METHODS One thousand seven hundred forty-seven New(More)
BACKGROUND Medical schools are placing increased emphasis on training students in the ambulatory setting, but few studies show the benefit or academic risk of such innovation. The authors studied the effect of such a new rotation with a rigorous study design. METHOD From a group of 166 third-year students at the Uniformed Services University of the Health(More)
BACKGROUND CBT case conceptualization is considered to be a key competency. Prior to the publication in 2009 of Kuyken, Padesky and Dudley's book, little has been documented concerning methods for training conceptualization skills and the conceptualization process is usually perceived as predominantly an intellectual process. In this paper, the(More)
BACKGROUND Public beliefs about the causes of mental health problems are related to desire for distance and pessimism about recovery, and are therefore frequently studied. The beliefs of people receiving treatment are researched less often. METHOD An online survey on causal beliefs about depression and experiences with antidepressants was completed by(More)
A qualitative analysis of the accounts of 29 adults who grew up in a controversial New Zealand community identified positive and negative experiences and their psychological implications. In addition to highly publicized child sexual abuse that occurred at Centrepoint, children also experienced parental neglect, psychological manipulation, illegal drug use(More)
Although there is a growing body of research that looks at how adult clients are active agents in their own counseling, there is little similar research that looks at the experiences of young people in counseling. This research explores how client agency is constructed in retrospective accounts of a school counseling experience provided by 22 young people(More)