Kerry L Busarow

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Seven rovibrational transitions of the (01(1)0) <-- (00(0)0) fundamental bending band of C3 have been measured with high precision with the use of a tunable far-infrared laser spectrometer. The C3 molecules were produced by laser vaporization of a graphite rod and cooled in a supersonic expansion. The astrophysically important nu 2 fundamental frequency(More)
The ground state Ka = 0( u) __, 1 (g) b-type subband of the rotation-tunneling spectrum of the symmetric Cl-Cl, Cl-Cl, and the mixed Cl-Cl hydrogen chloride dimers have been recorded near 26.3 em --I with sub-Doppler resolution in a continuous two-dimensional supersonic jet with a tunable far-infrared laser spectrometer. Quadrupole hyperfine structure from(More)
Hyperfine resolved spectra have been measured for the Ar-NH3 complex over the range 21-28 cm -~ using a tunable far-infrared laser in combination with a continuous planar supersonic jet. Twenty-three transitions are assigned to the lowest E-bending vibration (v0 = 26.470633(77)cm 1) from the (asymmetric) inversion level of the E, jk c = 00 internal rotor(More)
Thirteen vibration-rotation-tunneling (VRT) bands of the CH4-H,O complex have been measured in the range from 18 to 35.5 cm-’ using tunable far infrared laser spectroscopy. The ground state has an average center of mass separation of 3.70 A and a stretching force constant of 1.52 N/m, indicating that this complex is more strongly bound than Ar-H,O. The(More)
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