Kerry L Busarow

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Laboratory observations of the pure rotational spectrum of Hco+ in its lowest excited bending state (v 1 , vL v 3)_= (0,1\0) are reported. Because of their severe excitation requirements, such vibrational satellites and the high-J ground-state lines also measured here sample only hot, dense regions of matter in active ~o~ec~ar cl~m? cores and circumstellar(More)
Seven rovibrational transitions of the (01(1)0) <-- (00(0)0) fundamental bending band of C3 have been measured with high precision with the use of a tunable far-infrared laser spectrometer. The C3 molecules were produced by laser vaporization of a graphite rod and cooled in a supersonic expansion. The astrophysically important nu 2 fundamental frequency(More)
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