Kerry J. Williamson

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Pure cultures of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, Nitrosomonas europaea, were exposed to trichloroethylene (TCE), 1,1-dichloroethylene (1,1-DCE), chloroform (CF), 1,2-dichloroethane (1,2-DCA), or carbon tetrachloride (CT), in the presence of ammonia, in a quasi-steady-state bioreactor. Estimates of enzyme kinetics constants, solvent inactivation constants, and(More)
The kinetics of the cometabolism of trichloroethylene (TCE) by the ammonia-oxidizing soil bacterium Nitrosomonas europaea in short-term (<10-min) incubations were investigated. Three individual effects of TCE cometabolism on this bacterium were characterized. First, we observed that TCE is a potent competitive inhibitor of ammonia oxidation by N. europaea.(More)
Cometabolic biodegradation prcesses are important for bioremediation of hazardous waste sites. However, these proceeses are not well understood and have not been modeled thoroughly. Traditional Michaelis-Menten kinetics models often are used, but toxic effects and bacterial responses to toxicity may cause changes in enzyme levels, rendering such models(More)
A Cometabolism enzyme kinetics model has been presented which takes into account changes in bacterial activity associated with enzyme inhibitiion, inactivation, inactivation of enzyme resulting from product toxicty, and respondent synthesis of new enzyme. Although this process is inherently unsteady-state, the model assumes that cometabolic degradation of a(More)
An equilibrium adsorption model is developed to predict the partitioning of trace metals between different geochemical phases in aquatic sediments. The model uses conditional equilibrium constants determined from linear portions of adsorption isotherms. As an example of how the model can be used, the adsorption and the partitioning of Cu and Cd on several(More)
Mutations of the Drosophila melanogaster suppressor of sable [su(s)] gene, which encodes a 150-kDa nuclear protein [Su(s)], increase the accumulation of specific transcripts in a manner that is not well understood but that appears to involve pre-mRNA processing. Here, we report biochemical analysis of purified, recombinant Su(s) [rSu(s)] expressed in(More)
For help in preparation of this article, thanks to Alain Chassagne, Luanda, Angola; Dan Deznan, Apache Energy Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland; Richard Kettle, Ahmadi, Kuwait; Donald Ross, Rosharon, Texas, USA; Jon Svaeren, Framo Engineering AS, Bergen, Norway; Eric Toskey, Bergen, Norway; and Laurent Yvon, Douala, Cameroon. 3-Phase, LiftPRO, NODAL, PhaseTester,(More)
Thirteen distinct monoclonal antibodies to the 30-kDa NS phosphoprotein of vesicular stomatitis virus were isolated and assayed by Western blot analysis and immune precipitation reactions. Epitopes recognized by the antibodies were mapped by immune precipitation of NS deletion proteins synthesized in vitro from cloned NS gene constructs. None of the(More)
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