Kerry E. Petrucci

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Unis is a nurse expert system prototype specifically designed to assist nurses caring for elderly, incontinent patients residing in nursing homes. Two studies measuring the performance level of UNIS were implemented. In the first study, results of sessions with UNIS on case studies of elderly, incontinent patients were compared to sessions with nurse(More)
This paper develops an approach to electronic data exchange of patient records from Ambulatory Encounter Systems (AESs). This approach assumes that the AES is based upon a standard data model. The data modeling standard used here is IDEFIX for Entity/Relationship (E/R) modeling. Each site that uses a relational database implementation of this standard data(More)
The Urological Nursing Information System (UNIS) is an expert-system prototype designed to help nurses perform patient assessments on elderly nursing home residents known to be incontinent of urine. A study was conducted to evaluate the appropriateness of the patient-assessment parameters stored in the knowledge base of UNIS. These parameters were stored as(More)
An automated telephone screening system was implemented at the Baltimore VA Hospital on a Local Area Network (LAN) to evaluate older adults for the GRECC research program. Using the system for decision support, a registered nurse (RN) placed 117 phone calls to older adults in the Baltimore community over a 3 month period. The modular design of the system(More)
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