Kerry Davison

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Parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) are more likely to experience serious psychological distress than parents of children with other developmental disabilities. To examine the impact of a range of factors on psychological wellbeing, interviews were undertaken with 68 mothers of children with ASDs to explore aspects of social support,(More)
Historically Cu wire has been targeted to lower pin count high power discrete devices and consumer product for a long time. As gold costs increased the industry started focusing on moving more mainstream products to Cu wire. Markets that have seen the largest growth in Cu wire bonded products include consumer electronics, communication devices and(More)
Experiments have been completed on dependence of the wire pull strength on aging duration in TCB(Temperature Cycle B), HTS(High Temperature Storage), uHAST(unbiased Highly Accelerated Stress Test), THS(Temperature Humidity Soaking), and PCT(Pressure Cooker Test) for non-molded bare Cu and Pd coated Cu wire bonded devices. The data can be summarized as(More)
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