Kerry A Paradowski

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Optimisation of a series of 4-piperidinyltriazoles led to the identification of compound 28a which showed good whole cell antiviral activity, excellent selectivity over the hERG ion channel and complete oral absorption.
The development of a new class of CCR5 antagonist replacing the tropane core of maraviroc by piperidine with a branched N-substituent is described. Compound 15h shows good whole cell antiviral activity together with microsomal stability and only weak activity at the hERG ion channel.
The synthesis of a range of novel amine-containing structures and their primary potency as inhibitors of HIV-1 fusion via blocking of the CCR5 receptor is described. The development of the medicinal chemistry strategy and SAR's which led to the identification of the piperidine amide compounds 33 and 36 as excellent leads for further evaluation is described,(More)
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