Kerry A. Kingham

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After the scientific rationale is given in the introduction the Terms of Reference and the proceeding of IVS Working Group 2 are presented. Then the present status and future goals of all international activities within IVS are described. In particular the current products of IVS are described in terms of accuracy, reliability, frequency of observing(More)
We present thirty VLBI images of the TeV blazar Markarian 421 (1101+384) at fifteen epochs spanning the time range from 1994 to 1997, and at six different frequencies from 2.3 to 43 GHz. The imaged observations include a high-resolution 5 GHz VLBI Space Observatory Programme (VSOP) observation with the HALCA satellite on 1997 November 14; full-track VLBA(More)
We present 27 geodetic VLBI maps of OJ 287 obtained from the archive of the Washington correlator. The observations presented here were made between 1990 October and 1996 December. During this period a sequence of six superluminal components has been identified. We measured the proper motion of these components to be approximately 0.5 mas yr, which is about(More)
As part of an ongoing effort to observe high energy γ-ray blazars with VLBI, we have produced 8 and 2 GHz VLBI images, at ten epochs spanning the years 1988 to 1996, of the quasar 1156+295. The VLBI data have been taken from the Washington VLBI correlator’s geodetic database. We have detected four components and have measured their apparent speeds to be 8.8(More)
We present VLBI observations of the EGRET quasars 0202+149, CTA 26, and 1606+106, as well as additional analysis of VLBI observations of 1156+295 presented in Piner & Kingham (1997b). We have produced 8 and 2 GHz VLBI images at 11 epochs, 8 epochs, and 12 epochs, spanning the years 1989 to 1996, of 0202+149, CTA 26, and 1606+106 respectively. The VLBI data(More)
This paper describes a proposal for a new space radio astronomy mission for astrometry, using Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), called Asdrornetry VLEII ir} Space (AVS). The ultimate goals of AVS are improving the accuracy of radio astrometry measurements to the rnicroarcsecond level in one epoch of measurements and improving the accuracy of the(More)
Previous papers reported several physiological and biochemical changes in the elongation zone of primary root in young maize seedlings induced by spermidine (spd) treatment: K + uptake is enhanced, polyamine oxidase and peroxidase activities increase, and a strong accumulation of putrescine (put) is detected. Parallely, 1 mM spd treatment results in a 50 %(More)
Human fetal osteoblast-like cells formed a regular multilayered structure in vitro with an extensive collagen-based extracellular matrix. With colloidal gold immunocytochemistry, labels for alkaline phosphatase and osteocalcin were distributed in a relatively diffuse pattern, in contrast to the bone growth factors, insulin-like growth factors I and II(More)
Osteoblast-like cells have been shown to be sensitive to the proliferative action of a wide variety of growth factors. Many of these growth factors have been isolated from platelets and are thought to be released at local sites in response to injury. In this study, we tested whether human platelet concentrate, as a supplement to basic medium, would support(More)
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