Kerry A Campbell

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Aqueous extraction processing (AEP) of soy is a promising green alternative to hexane extraction processing. To improve AEP oil yields, experiments were conducted to probe the mechanisms of oil release. Microscopy of extruded soy before and after extraction with and without protease indicated that unextracted oil is sequestered in an insoluble matrix of(More)
Microscopic observation of sunflower meal before and after extraction indicated that extensive cellular disruption was achieved by extrusion, but that unextracted oil remained sequestered as coalesced oil within the void spaces of disrupted cotyledon cells. A full factorial design experiment was defined to develop aqueous extraction processing (AEP) with(More)
Enzyme-assisted aqueous oil extraction from soybean is a "green" alternative to hexane extraction that must realize potential revenues from a value-added protein co-product. Three technologies were investigated to recover protein from the skim fraction of an aqueous extraction process. Ultrafiltration achieved overall protein yields between 60% and 64%,(More)
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