Kerrin A. Barrett

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Effect size measures were computed for a sample of 100 research studies published in four leading rehabilitation journals. The effect size measures were categorized as small, medium, or large according to established criteria. Analysis of the effect size measures revealed that the average treatment effect was in the medium range (0.69). Further data(More)
Lactation has been associated with anxiolysis in several tests of anxiety. These observations, considered together with observations that progesterone and its 5alpha-reduced metabolites are anxiolytic in cycling, nonlactating females, raised the question of whether the changes in anxiety-related behaviors that accompany lactation are driven by reduced(More)
Mismatch negativity (MMN) was measured on normal-hearing young adult women and men to determine the effect of gender on this auditory evoked potential (AEP). In the experimental condition, recordings were obtained for 1000-Hz tone bursts presented at 75 dB nHL (standard stimuli) and 60 dB nHL (deviant stimuli). AEPs also were obtained in a control condition(More)
The findings of 100 data-based studies exploring the effectiveness of rehabilitation procedures were reviewed and analyzed. The statistical conclusion validity was determined by computing post hoc power coefficients for the statistical hypotheses tests included in the review studies. The data analysis revealed that the median power to detect a small effect(More)
Test-retest reliability for tympanometric measures was evaluated across five sessions in 20 subjects with normal hearing and normal middle-ear function. Tympanograms were obtained on each ear for probe frequencies of 226, 678, and 1000 Hz using both ascending and descending directions of pressure change. Across all conditions, the tympanometric measure that(More)
The use of a synchronous audio tool is discussed for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Taiwan. Over several months, a community of practice has formed among teachers and teaching assistants, transcending cultural differences. Exploring the relationship that has developed between teachers and teaching assistants forms the basis of this report.(More)
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