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Interactions between motivation and cognition are implicated in producing functional impairments and poor quality of life in psychiatric patients. This interaction, however, is not well understood at either the behavioral or neural level. We developed a procedure for mice in which a cognitive measure, sustained attention, is modulated by a motivationally(More)
Reports an error in "The impact of motivation on cognitive performance in an animal model of the negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia" by Ryan D. Ward, Vanessa Winiger, Kerin K. Higa, Julia B. Kahn, Eric R. Kandel, Peter D. Balsam and Eleanor H. Simpson (Behavioral Neuroscience, 2015[Jun], Vol 129[3], 292-299). There is a text error in the 4th(More)
The balance of excitation and inhibition within most sensory cortices is co-tuned to a given stimulus. However, unlike other sensory cortices, it has been reported from in vivo recordings that widespread global inhibition governs sparse stimulus-evoked excitation in the piriform cortex. Further in vitro physiology has demonstrated that this global(More)
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