Kerimbayev Nurassyl

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The modernization of the educational process in the ungraded schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan requires the provision of affordable quality education for students in rural areas on information technology, the creation of e-learning. It was important to consider two points: how does e-learning influence the educational process in ungraded schools, and(More)
In the article it was important to consider two basic moments i.e., impact mode of using virtual environment at training process within one faculty of the University, directly at training quality and what outcomes can be reached therewith. The work significance consists of studying the virtual environment effect instead of traditional educational outlook(More)
The focus of this article are issues related to the assessment of the teacher, working in small schools. The author analyzes the educational activities ungraded school teacher, as one of the factors increasing the quality of teaching in a rural school. We have tried to consider other resources to successfully solve the problem of increasing the quality of(More)
The article considers the discrete analogue of the method of quickest descent for an inverse Acoustics problem in case of a smooth source. The authors derived the gradient of functional in differential and discrete cases, described the algorithm of solving a problem, and compared gradients of functional in continuous and discrete cases. In the article the(More)
The development of international cooperation requires cooperation in the sphere of education. An enhanced sharing of experience in the sphere of practical teaching activities implies the increase of the quality of teaching process and of scientific cooperation. Sharing of experience in educational activities implies understanding among representatives of(More)
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