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This introductory tutorial provides an overview of business process simulation, describes the modeling and analysis considerations, and lists typical model input, simulation and output requirements. A classification of simulation software products is provided to aid the user in understanding the business process simulation tools. Finally, a simulation(More)
This tutorial provides an overview of business process modeling tools for re-engineering, demonstrates the suitability of simulation for BPR and highlights the modeling considerations. A simulation exercise is presented to illustrate how ServiceModel, a populm modeling tool, may be used to simulate the financial, human resource, and production elements of a(More)
This tutorial introduces CACI's MODSIM III language, showing how its simulation "world view" together with its object-oriented architecture and built-in graphics contribute to successful simulation model building. The tutorial also provides an overview of CACI's domain-specific simulation tools, namely SIMPROCESS and COMNET III, that are developed using(More)
This paper describes a MODSIM III-based object-oriented network simulation model specifically developed for modeling railroad operations of Union Pacific Railroad. The transportation network simulation model is a strategic planning tool for determining if there are adequate resources to achieve the next year's projected business and the train schedules to(More)
The purpose of this panel is to discuss both the attractive benefits and the difficult challenges of factory simulation. Our target audience is manufacturing and industrial engineers who are new to simulation. Simulation has become a popular tool for engineers in making both strategic and tactical decisions. Typically, busy engineers in plants relied on(More)
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