Kerim Goztepe

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—It is a well-known fact that today a nation's telecommunication networks, critical infrastructure, and information systems are vulnerable to growing number of attacks in cyberspace. Cyber space contains very different problems involving various sets of threats, targets and costs. Cyber security is not only problem of banking, communication or(More)
The integration of ERP systems is a primary issue for management and operation of enterprises. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is regarded a solution approach for any organization. Future operation and profitability of the enterprise or organization usually depends on selection most suitable ERP system. ERP is an information system and arrange(More)
The nature and range of threats to security have extremely changed that caused a following reaction which is the transition in the nature of the war as well. Under the changing circumstances of operational environment and in the face of new security environment which is more complex and ambiguous than before, modern armies have started to look for(More)
Selection of appropriate supplier(s) for success of an organization is particularly a valuable necessity, hence apart from the common criteria such as logistics, service and quality, this paper discusses most of the key decision variables which can play a critical role in case of the supplier selection. In this study, analytic network process (ANP) method(More)
The core aim of Agent Based University Planning project of Sakarya University is designing and implementation of a system that is based on Distributed Artificial Intelligence technique for scheduling and planning to face the problems that often takes place in a university administration division. This report particularly focuses on course planning, resource(More)