Keri Schreiner

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Child tracking is just one of a host of mobile-phone applications that use GPS technology. Other applications include those for tracking the whereabouts of friends, pets, and employees, and those that let farmers survey and navigate their land, hikers create routes and download maps, and skiers check snow conditions and reserve seats on backcountry(More)
Digital pen and paper technologies are proving increasingly popular in vertical markets such as health care and manufacturing, which make heavy use of standardized forms that can easily be produced on specialized paper. But the still-untapped frontier is the horizontal zone of everyday consumers. Within this vast and tempting territory resides the(More)
The field of games aimed at social change is young and ripe with opportunity, and several recent announcements of corporate/public-sector partnerships to develop such games are further fueling hopes for its success. These games raise awareness of important social issues in two ways: through "engaging and meaningful game play" and innovative, successful, and(More)