Keri Sarver

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Protein binding of numerous drugs, primarily organic acids, is decreased in sera from uremic patients. The defect in binding is (1) greater than can be accounted for by hypoalbuminemia alone; (2) unchanged by prolonged in vitro dialysis; (3) transferred in the protein but not the ultrafiltrate fraction of uremic serum; and (4) not reproduced by addition of(More)
OmniLog™ phenotype microarrays (PMs) have the capability to measure and compare the growth responses of biological samples upon exposure to hundreds of growth conditions such as different metabolites and antibiotics over a time course of hours to days. In order to manage the large amount of data produced from the OmniLog™ instrument, PheMaDB (Phe notype M(More)
Whereas strategies for discovering content on the surface web are commonplace, similar strategies for the private web are nonexistent. In this paper we first establish a formal framework for advertising the existence of private web resources that subsumes many existing summarization strategies based on succinct statistical summaries (which we call digests).(More)
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