Keri Ramsey

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Bilateral facial paralysis (BFP) is a rare clinical finding that may be caused by Guillain-Barré syndrome, a medical emergency. The differential diagnosis of BFP is lengthy but can be narrowed to a limited group of disorders by the patient's history and physical examination. The most important diagnostic tests to obtain initially are the lumbar puncture and(More)
In the focal plane of a pushbroom imager, a linear array of pixels is scanned across the scene, building up the image one row at a time. For the Multispectral Thermal Imager (MTI), each of fifteen different spectral bands has its own linear array. These arrays are pushed across the scene together, but since each band’s array is at a different position on(More)
We measured the owner-adjusted acoustic outputs of 10 automobile stereo systems, with power ratings ranging between 150 and 600 watts. The sound levels ranged from 107 to 138 dB SPL and 84 to 108 dBA. Most of the high-intensity sound was in the 31, 62, and 125 Hz center-frequency octave bands. The mean computed noise dose, based on the vehicle owners'(More)
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