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BACKGROUND Little is known about infection rates for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other diseases that can be transmitted sexually in Bangladeshi women who may be at intermediate levels of risk--that is, women who are not commercial sex workers (CSWs) but whose sexual contacts may include men at high risk for STD. This study examines(More)
Because individuals with mental retardation have recently been identified as a group at-risk for developing HIV infection, HIV/AIDS training programs for service providers working with this population are critical. In this study an HIV/AIDS education program for family-based foster care providers was described and evaluated. The results indicate that(More)
In autism, glutamate may be increased or its receptors up-regulated as part of an excitotoxic process that damages neural networks and subsequently contributes to behavioral and cognitive deficits seen in the disorder. This was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study of lamotrigine, an agent that modulates glutamate release. Twenty-eight(More)
This study assessed the effects and side effects of using stereotypic behavior as a consequence for correct responding with two autistic children. The children were cued through a model to engage in stereotypic behavior contingent upon correct responses in task-training sessions. This instructional arrangement produced increases in the percent of correct(More)
The perception by schizophrenic patients of stimuli with more than one feature (dimension) was investigated using psychiatric and non-psychiatric control groups. Indices of the ability (a) to make use of redundant stimulus cues, (b) to 'screen out' or filter irrelevant stimulus features, and (c) to scan the perceptual field for relevant stimulus features,(More)
PURPOSE We compared 2-year urinary incontinence and urgency scores of older women who attended a 2-hour bladder health class vs those who viewed a 20-minute abbreviated class video for the purpose of urinary incontinence prevention. MATERIALS AND METHODS A randomized, 2-arm, parallel design study was done to test the superiority of the 20-minute video(More)
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