Keri Baumstark

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2 Motivation  Motivation is the reason that someone engages in a certain behaviour  Motivation is a key factor in education  Lot of research has been done by educational psychological researchers on motivational aspects in the educational domain  These researches resulted in several theories and models  Based on such theories and models, learning(More)
— Providing learners with personalized recommendations and/or adaptive courses that fit their characteristics and situation has high potential to make online and mobile learning easier and more effective for learners. However, most of the learning systems that are currently used by educational institutions do not provide adaptivity based on learners'(More)
This study was designed to assess the reliability and validity of a Pain Behavior Observation method with fibromyalgia syndrome (FS) subjects and to determine the factors which predict pain behavior among FS subjects. Fifty-eight female FS subjects participated in the videotaped Pain Behavior Observation method. Subjects also completed the McGill Pain(More)
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