Keren Zohar

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Coverage analysis is used to monitor the quality of the verification process. Reports provided by coverage tools help users identify areas in the design that have not been adequately tested. Because of their sheer size, the analysis of large coverage models can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. This paper presents two new techniques for coverage(More)
Polyphenol levels in wines are affected by the wine-making process. Resveratrol is one polyphenol which has been the subject of a commendable amount of recent research. In this work, we found that resveratrol is immediately degraded by tyrosinase. A novel tyrosinase was purified from Carignan grapes. The purification process included salting out and(More)
Legionnaire disease (LD) is characterized by a clinical picture of pneumonia and is usually accompanied by multisystem involvement. Neurologic manifestations tend to appear concurrently with, or soon after the onset of fever. Cases in which neurologic manifestations precede the development of pneumonia are exceedingly rare. We recently treated 3 patients(More)
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