Keren Stern

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A self-tuning controller was implemented for the automated infusion of sodium nitroprusside to lower mean arterial pressure in anesthetized dogs. The system incorporated a recursive least-squares parameter identifier and a modified minimum-variance controller. The onset delay was estimated on-line, the performance criterion included the cost of control, and(More)
Bovine antithrombin III (AT III) interaction with the luminal surface of bovine aortic segments with a continuous layer of endothelium was examined. Incubation of 125I-AT III with vessel segments, previously washed free of endogenous AT III, demonstrated specific, time-dependent binding to the protease inhibitor to the endothelium. Half-maximal binding was(More)
The availability of prenatal genetic services in the US was assessed in a 1990-91 survey. Prenatal screening services are offered in 46 of 51 states, and 47 states have prenatal counseling and diagnostic services available. Comprehensive national and regional data collection and reporting for prenatal genetic services has been conducted by the Council of(More)
Most studies of intermittent exotropia deal primarily with children. However, the manifestations of this disorder in adults differ considerably from those in children. The case records of 44 adults (ages 15-70) who underwent surgery for intermittent exotropia were analyzed. These patients experienced a variety of preoperative symptoms including diplopia,(More)