Keren Rosenberg

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Variations in people's vulnerability to stressful life events may rise from a predated neural sensitivity as well as from differential neural modifications in response to the event. Because the occurrence of a stressful life event cannot be foreseen, characterizing the temporal trajectory of its neural manifestations in humans has been a real challenge. The(More)
OBJECT Resection of lesions involving the supplementary motor area (SMA) may result in immediate postoperative motor and speech deficits that are reversible in most cases. In the present study the authors aimed to determine the critical involvement of SMA in the lesioned and healthy hemispheres in this functional recovery. They hypothesized that(More)
Amyloidoma is a term referring to a tumor-like deposition of extracellular insoluble fibrillar protein. Tumor-like amyloid formation in the brain had been described in isolated cases. However no advanced radiological studies to characterize these lesions have been reported. In the report, we have describe a 59-year-old woman, presented several months prior(More)
One possible mechanism for language plasticity in cases of lesions in left dominant hemisphere is the recruitment of homologous region in the unaffected non-dominant hemisphere. The potential of the right hemisphere to carry out such plasticity is expressed by the functional outcome of patients with lesions in the left hemisphere acquired at childhood prior(More)
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