Keren Kremer

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From 1977 to 1984, 752 reconstructions of the supra-aortic arteries were performed at our service. In a group of 31 patients presenting with transient ischemic attacks (13) or minor strokes (15), preoperative multiplane angiograms identified lesions from various causes in extremely high locations (fibromuscular dysplasia, 10; atherosclerosis, 6; traumatic(More)
Since 1980 resection of the esophagus without thoracotomy and cervical esophagogastrostomy has been the standard procedure in treatment of esophageal carcinoma. Meanwhile 82 operations of this kind have been performed. The average age of our patients was 60 years; in 50% of the cases we dealt with stage IV (UICC) tumors. In comparison with the period(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out whether perforated and unperforated appendicitis are separate diseases and can be distinguished clinically. DESIGN Prospective multicentre study. SETTING 11 departments of surgery in Germany and Austria. SUBJECTS 519 patients over 6 years old who had histologically confirmed acute appendicitis between October 1994 and March 1996.(More)
From 1970 to 1980 132 patients were admitted to our Dept. under the diagnosis of gas gangrene. In 54 cases there was no bacteriological evidence of clostridium perfringens. In all patients surgery was performed immediately, followed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The overall mortality rate among 78 patients with proven gas gangrene came up to 38%, the(More)
The results of rectal digital examinations performed on 477 patients upon admission with histopathologically proven acute appendicitis from a total of 2280 patients with acute abdominal pain were analyzed. Although 13.7% of the patients experienced pain on the right side and 7.4% pain in the pouch of Douglas during rectal examination, none of the rectal(More)
In a series of 342 arterial reconstructions of the iliacolic to popliteal arteries 24 patients with lymph vessel damage were observed. The diagnosis of lymphedema was established in 18 patients by clinical findings and in 2 of them the diagnosis was confirmed by lymphography with followup of 1 year. Three patients developed an internal lymphogenic cyst, 3(More)
When compiling a list of patients with multiple injuries to judge which surgical problem is the most urgent, one should only mention those multiple injuries in which taking care of one wound may interfere with the ideal treatment of others or where one of the injuries might even be overlooked due to diagnostic difficulties. In making a list of frequent(More)