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Figures referenced in the communication. Figure SI-1 Cross-sectional SEM image of a ceria porous membrane after calcination at 400˚C. Figure SI-2 Raman scattering spectrum of an anodized ceria membrane calcined at 400˚C. Figure SI-3 Optical images showing water contact angle measurements on (left) an anodized porous ceria membrane and (right) an cerium(More)
Ligand-directed targeting and capturing of cancer cells is a new approach for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Ligands such as antibodies have been successfully used for capturing cancer cells and an antibody based system (CellSearch(®)) is currently used clinically to enumerate CTCs. Here we report the use of a peptide moiety in conjunction with a(More)
A two-step synthetic process is reported to fabricate porous ceria membranes by anodization of cerium metal foils with subsequent calcination. ''Ribbon-like'' structures were found to form the backbones of these porous frameworks. The hydrophobic nature of these membranes was revealed by water contact angle measurements. Nanoporous membrane structures are(More)
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