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Nineteen patients with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) who had been living with their partners for at least two years prior to the onset of their illness, together with their partners, completed self-report questionnaires to investigate the impact of MND on both patients and carers. Physical disability and impact of the illness on aspects of everyday(More)
Palliative care involves the complete, holistic care of people with progressive illness and their families. People living with motor neurone disease (MND) require a range of multidisciplinary palliative care services. However, there are significant gaps in our understanding of these people's lives, experiences of services and their suggestions for service(More)
Further examination of the data of Goldstein et al. (J Neurol Sci 160 (1998) S114) on the impact of MND in their spouses/partners on 19 caregivers investigated whether carers' depression and strain scores could be related to their attributional style. Contrary to expectations, carers' scores on a measure of depressed mood were not correlated with measures(More)
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