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Effective communication and collaboration is important in any team project. There has been a trend to use Web 2.0 tools - such as Facebook and Google Docs - for effective communication and collaboration. For example, Facebook and other social networks can be used for general discussion and communication. Google Docs can be used to create live documents that(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of social media in biomedical knowledge mining, including clinical, medical and healthcare informatics, prescription drug abuse epidemiology and drug pharmacology, has become increasingly significant in recent years. Social media offers opportunities for people to share opinions and experiences freely in online communities, which may(More)
Currently the lead developer and a researcher for the PREDOSE project, a platform designed to automate extraction of semantic information from unstructured text related to the illicit use of pharmaceutical opioids. Lead developer of Twitris, a web application that facilitates understanding of social perceptions by Semantics-based processing of event-centric(More)
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