Ker-Ai Lee

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Clustered progressive chronic disease processes arise when interest lies in modeling damage in paired organ systems (e.g., kidneys, eyes), in diseases manifest in different organ systems, or in systemic conditions for which damage may occur in several locations of the body. Multistate Markov models have considerable appeal for modeling damage in such(More)
BACKGROUND Zoledronic acid (ZOL) is an important component of therapy for patients with metastatic bone disease (MBD) to reduce the risk of skeletal-related events (SREs). We evaluated overall survival (OS) in patients with MBD secondary to solid tumours included in placebocontrolled ZOL trials. PATIENTS AND METHODS Exploratory analyses were performed(More)
SUMMARY Interval-censored life-history data arise when the events of interest are only detectable at periodic assessments. When interest lies in the occurrence of two such events, bivariate-interval censored event time data are obtained. We describe how to fit a four-state Markov model useful for characterizing the association between two interval-censored(More)
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