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—With the rapid growth of emerging applications like social network analysis, semantic Web analysis and bioin-formatics network analysis, a variety of data to be processed continues to witness a quick increase. Effective management and analysis of large-scale data poses an interesting but critical challenge. Recently, big data has attracted a lot of(More)
—Weak reliability and low energy efficiency are the inherent problems in Underwater Sensor Networks (USNs) characterized by the acoustic channels. Although multiple-path communications coupled by Forward Error Correction (FEC) can achieve high performance for USNs, the low probability of successful recovery of received packets in the destination node(More)
Web caching is an important technology for improving the scalability of Web services. One of the key problems in coordinated enroute Web caching is to compute the locations for storing copies of an object among the enroute caches so that some specified objectives are achieved. In this article, we address this problem for tree networks, and formulate it as a(More)