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With the rapid growth of emerging applications like social network analysis, semantic Web analysis and bioinformatics network analysis, a variety of data to be processed continues to witness a quick increase. Effective management and analysis of large-scale data poses an interesting but critical challenge. Recently, big data has attracted a lot of attention(More)
Due to the use of acoustic channels with limited available bandwidth, Underwater Sensor Networks (USNs) often suffer from significant performance restrictions such as low reliability, low energy-efficiency, and high end-to-end packet delay. The provisioning of reliable, energy-efficient, and low-delay communication in USNs has become a challenging research(More)
—Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been widely used in inventory management in many scenarios, e.g., warehouses, retail stores, hospitals, etc. This paper investigates a challenging problem of complete identification of missing tags in large-scale RFID systems. Although this problem has attracted extensive attention from academy and(More)
Owing to its attractive features such as fast identification and relatively long interrogating range over the classical barcode systems, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology possesses a promising prospect in many practical applications such as inventory control and supply chain management. However, unknown tags appear in RFID systems when the(More)
Weak reliability and low energy efficiency are the inherent problems in Underwater Sensor Networks (USNs) characterized by the acoustic channels. Although multiple-path communications coupled by Forward Error Correction (FEC) can achieve high performance for USNs, the low probability of successful recovery of received packets in the destination node(More)
With the increasing number of technology areas using Virtual Machine (VM) platforms, challenges exist in Virtual Machine migrating from one physical host to another. However, the complexity of these virtualized environments presents additional management challenges. Unfortunately, many traditional approaches may be either not effective well for reducing(More)
—Owing to its superior properties, such as fast identification and relatively long interrogating range over barcode systems, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has promising application prospects in inventory management. This paper studies the problem of complete identification of missing RFID tag, which is important in practice. Time(More)