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Product design needs many kinds of knowledge which may be derived from marketing, manufacturing, assembly, sales, delivery, maintenance, and disposal. Manufacturing knowledge is one of the most important sources for the efficient and effective support to product design decisions. This paper proposes an ontological approach to analyzing what kinds of(More)
To solve contradictions between highly customized requirements and long development cycle, a configuration design method for industrial articulated robots is put forward in this paper. The key technologies in the configuration design process are studied, including the representation of the building blocks composing an industrial robot based on(More)
Knowledge on product quality is one of the most important knowledge sources throughout the product lifecycle for the efficiency and effectiveness of product design decisions. To provide quality related knowledge, this paper proposed one data mining based knowledge discovery approach. This approach can extract knowledge on product quality from large volume(More)
With increasing risks faced by financial firms and markets, text mining is playing more and more important role. However, because of the complexity between a text and the consequences caused by the text, it is hard for traditional text mining techniques to meet the needs. In order to solve this problem, we focus on the employment of intelligent agents to(More)
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