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Spectrum Sensing problem is a major problem in any smart radio transmission system (i.e. Cognitive or Smart Radio). This manuscript deals with this problem by proposing two major contributions: At first, a new contribution, consists on a new developing of setting of the comparison threshold basing on new decision criterion. In second contribution we use the(More)
For its excellent performance compared with other cameras, GigE Vision cameras have been extensively applied in real-time image acquisition systems. But its features, such as the high CPU utilization and the dependency on network protocols, make it hard to be applied in embedded systems. This paper presents a hardware solution to access GigE Vision camera.(More)
Spectrum Sensing is the main part in the Cognitive Radio system. In fact many researches have been realized the last decade, and several techniques have been proposed to perform the Spectrum Sensing. This manuscript deals with this subject by presenting the most used techniques, by categorizing them as Cooperative and Blind, according to their requirements.(More)
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