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Aberrant Meiotic Prophase I Leads to Genic Male Sterility in the Novel TE5A Mutant of Brassica napus
Genic male sterility (GMS) has already been extensively utilized for hybrid rapeseed production. TE5A is a novel thermo-sensitive dominant GMS line in Brassica napus, however, its mechanisms of GMSExpand
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Nuclear Envelope-Associated Chromosome Dynamics during Meiotic Prophase I
Chromosome dynamics during meiotic prophase I are associated with a series of major events such as chromosomal reorganization and condensation, pairing/synapsis and recombination of the homologs, andExpand
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Identification and Analysis of MS5d: A Gene That Affects Double-Strand Break (DSB) Repair during Meiosis I in Brassica napus Microsporocytes
Here, we report the identification of the Brassica-specific gene MS5d, which is responsible for male sterility in Brassica napus. The MS5d gene is highly expressed in the microsporocyte and encodes aExpand
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A Multiscale Approach and a Hybrid FE-FDTD Algorithm for 3D Time-Dependent Maxwell's Equations in Composite Materials
This paper discusses the multiscale analysis of the initial-boundary value problem for three-dimensional (3D) time-dependent Maxwell's equations in composite materials. Expand
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Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)-Mediated Genome-Wide ihpRNAi Mutant Library Construction in Brassica napus
With the successful completion of genomic sequencing for Brassica napus, identification of novel genes, determination of functions performed by genes, and exploring the molecular mechanismsExpand
Evolution of the Brassicaceae-specific MS5-Like family and neofunctionalization of the novel MALE STERILITY 5 gene essential for male fertility in B. napus.
New genes (or lineage-specific genes) can facilitate functional innovations. MALE STERILITY 5 (MS5) in Brassica napus is a fertility-related new gene, which has two wild type alleles (BnMS5a andExpand